5 Tips that can help you grow taller

Being tall might not ensure an individual’s chances of getting the dream job or attaining success but it does provide a person with some competitive advantage. Height happens to be the most crucial element that helps determine the physical attributes of a person. The general rule of boosting self-confidence usually revolves around whether a person possesses a short stature or a tall one.

Although genetics play a vital role in determining an individual’s height, other key factors like a nutritious diet and the right kind of exercise might provide a collaborative effort in elevating height. So here are some of the tips that can help you grow taller and boost your confidence.

A Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet will not only boost your metabolism but it will also help to increase the length of your body. This is why it is crucial to intake the right amount of vitamin, calcium and protein on a regular basis. Milk happens to be vital component for increasing bone growth as it is rich in calcium. Moreover, consuming dairy products like cottage cheese, cream, yogurt etc. can help boost your height. For the best results, it is advised to research more on the products containing the key ingredients like proteins; minerals etc. and prepare a diet chart.

Sleeping the Right Way

Sleep is the best medicine when it comes to enhancing the body height naturally. This is because the human body is in a phase of repair mechanism during sleep. Keeping the right posture while sleeping not only ensures the maximum stretch the body receives but also increases the release of growth hormones. Additionally, it is important to spend 6 to 8 hours while sleeping as this can help boost height.


In order to grow taller naturally, you need to exercise! There are numerous stretching exercises which can help you gain a few inches. Sky stretch and leg stretch are two of the best exercises which have been proven to aid in elevating height. Indulging in outdoor activities will also prove to be beneficial in increasing your height along with maintaining the body weight.


Yoga exercises help the release of growth-elevating hormones and facilitate to develop good body posture. Moreover, yoga exercises tend to release stress that causes friction and tension in the back muscles, hence paving the way for better growth.

Avoid smoking and caffeine

Excessive smoking and caffeine intake leads to perpetual damages on the internal organs, hormones, and tissues. Additionally, Caffeine disturbs the biorhythms which in turn disrupt the sleep pattern of an individual. An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for growth which is why excessive intake of caffeine should be avoided.





Bottom Line

Evolutionary psychology proclaims that height is one major contributing characteristic to a person’s attractiveness. Social experiences and stereotypes rule in the favor of individuals with tall stature. Most of the individuals give up on the hope of attaining the perfect tall stature after reaching a certain age limit. This is usually because people perceive height to get stagnant as they grow into the phase of maturity. There are, however, some of the sure shot ways which can help you grow taller naturally and enhance your self-esteem.


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