How to build a customer club (like juliens)

It all starts at the base. A solid foundation with a clear concept and a long-term business plan Iafsrolmoadon your clients to develop the right directions while keeping true leverage, Floor Ahrikomh. The establishment of Clubs is a project done quickly and on the go or out of necessity Hsthi”lhiot “or to respond to customers. Customers club has to give his due. Still, this is a complex activity or depth, expertise and knowledge, professional guidance Working in combination will lead to your success and response requested, the date of bearing and realizing the potential gains.

In this article, we will characterize and define the strategic thinking and planning steps recommended and Hkmtmoadoni customers. Club creates an intelligent way to smart clients and more effective.

The purpose of the club effect also works in the absence of customer clubs. It can also help you induce your period this way. For all competitors or business environment has Moadonogm you want one, but why do you need a club? Apart from being there, there are many reasons for the establishment of a club as granting value added, communications, customer retention, new customer recruitment, promotion, marketing and advertising, and more. Set the primary goals of the club and what you want Lhsigbaofn concretely, not just branding and strengthening relationships with customers. You can also set the Mtrothmoadon numerically, for example, to a segment profit which you will reach Btkofhmogdrt and the like.

The target audience of the club your customers are world wide, Scsthlko those segments will realize how much they are unique, as for any one of them have preferences Shopping other, but of course you can divide them into groups more focused on compliance with common such as residence, loyal customers, customers leave, customers Balihadfh Obviously a certain brand among the company’s products. Do you want to create a customer club Collolnhl it personally or you are planning the establishment of a customer club internal audience (suppliers, franchisees), a target audience as architects or designers, brand ambassadors, VIP customers? Ainmniah plan a number of clubs that operate simultaneously at the same time, but it is important to distinguish between Hlkohotslcm to better understand who they are and what they have to produce to communicate with them effectively.


Loyalty program comes into play when establishing and characterizing Club advised to check whether customer loyalty program is required and, if so, Maizosog. Clear case you want loyalty program, because in a competitive market, value Hsoboam loyalty is so difficult to achieve. Loyalty program designed to create “constant customers”, which operates using the accrual of benefits or stars can get the customer to the desired result, Hzrtolhnoiot, buying a systematic and consistent.

Cost versus benefit one of the most important strategic decisions when establishing customer club is whether Hmoadonialh money and what it will give to the customer in return for payment. Most of the clubs current Sfoalimbsok are clubs pay, whether lump or annual fee “for life”, customers appreciate more when they pay money to the club and you can give them a benefit Mstlmtiotr if they will finance the membership club and therefore, if the club has a unique or consumer audience Rhbohoa offering unique benefits and cost-effective it is to charge for membership.

Creating differentiation and competitive advantage of Clubs is high enough that the network competes customer club has already Islcm competition on joining the club paying customers. Not all customers are quick Lhtztrflmoadoni paying customers, especially when there are two similar networks that offer them to companies Btslomolcn have to find your comparative advantage over its competitors. For example, a club Konsftsaorc days of content, special benefits more lucrative rival club, discounts by Hadfotrcish and more.


Creating a unified communications language is important to characterize pre-marketing activities to accompany and back up the activities of the club. Cdilfnot audience and reach all those defined under the target audience, you should use both the Company’s website, mailings, Bsmsim, Facebook page, communication channels operating in synergy and reinforce each Zh.cmo Yes, after typified by a language, how to communicate with the customer, what words to use and how Lhabirat club experience and the like, it is important to maintain a unified voice across all channels.


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