What is an Inversion Therapy?

Do you know about inversion therapy? Have you ever heard about this? There are chances that you have never heard about this therapy. Inversion therapy is the method with the therapeutic benefits which involve being at the inverted angle or upside down while hanging by feet, ankles and legs. This therapeutic activity is the form of spinal traction as well as spinal decompression.

This is the method to invert the body to counteract the impacts of gravity. It is not hocus-pocus and feet is kept higher than head and this is the beneficial way to overcome the spine pain. It is reported that this therapy is effective for the reduction of the muscle activities as well as for the purpose of the lengthening of spine. This is anti-gravitational therapy which is supportive for relieving the painful muscle spasm. Another good property beneficial property of this therapy is the reduction of painful and compressive forces on spine. This therapy is recommended by many doctors and physical therapists because it is good for providing traction force that has the potential to decompress the spinal discs.

In this therapy, the suspension of body weight from lower body, the joints of body may be decompressed below the anchor. The use of inversion table for hanging by feet is the method for stretching and expanding. This is the reason that inversion therapy is often advertised as a technique for relieving backache. There are different forms of this therapy and among these forms, gravity boots are termed as most aggressive forms of this therapy as it completely put the whole body upside down while hanging from feet.

The inversion tables which are used in this therapy are flat in shape, and thus are effective for every user to adjust completely upside down or horizontal. The inversion table allows the user to choose smaller angle thus putting smaller strain on joints, feet and ankles. In order to use this therapy, a second person is required for spotting and assisting the individual hang from feet. Before purchase, it is not possible to discover downsides of table. If the people know about these downsides of inversion table, they would always prefer to buy alternative therapies. However, inversion table are cost effective method than the other therapies.

Are you thinking to try this therapy? then take a look on this article to know most of the upsides and downsides of using this therapy.


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