How to be safe at work – keep the rules!

In any place of work, certainly if the work involves workers dealing with dangerous materials or tools that are potentially dangerous, there must be safety rules. Safety rules at work are determined by the authorities with additional safety rules which the premises itself establishes in order not to endanger the employees and other people who are present or can be affected by the hazards that may arise as a result of the work or anything else done on site.

Safety rules at work are usually divided into a variety of parts, there are safety rules for mobility, safety rules for the use of materials, lifting heavy loads, electrical safety rules, use of various materials and more. The responsibility for the implementation of work safety rules rests with the owner or the foreman. He must ensure that the employees comply with the safety rules in full, and comply with all rules and instructions. In order for employees to comply with the safety rules, it is customary to hold days of fitness for safety officers who are responsible for this.

Work safety rules refer to several parameters. Here are some of them, first, clothing suitable for a workplace, including a helmet, goggles, and gloves with a need. Second, compliance with all signs and warnings in place, three, must not be permitted only to certain people, four, to carry loads properly and without risking ourselves or others, five, it is forbidden to drive recklessly and quickly in places that do not allow this, Or use other materials if there is a danger and many other parameters.

In order for employees to be able to comply with safety rules at work, they must receive an explanation from the safety supervisors about the entire issue of safety in the area, and the employees should be informed of all the hazards. They must examine exactly the situation on the spot and if there is a danger that they are warning about it, immediate action must be taken to eradicate it.

It is important to understand that the more emphasis we put on the implementation of safety rules at work, the more likely our workers will face a danger in the workplace.

Work shoes and safety

Many companies want to avoid work accidents and therefore use special shoes designed for work in factories, restaurants, hospitals, shops and more. There are several types of work shoes in use:

  • Orthopedic shoes for workers who stand on their feet for long hours.
  • Safety shoes for working with anti-slip shock absorbers.
  • Shoes with thick soles to prevent penetration of water and foreign objects.
  • High-conductivity shoes.
  • Shoes that isolate heat and cold.
  • Shoes that absorb energy in the heel.
  • Shoes with a solenoid soles.
  • Tactical/Police boots that are for military personal


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